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Having a party? Awesome! Need some help? We'd love to! Whether you want us to cater the whole shbang, you'd just like to pick up a few pounds of cooked meats, or you're going whole hog, we've got what your looking for.

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There's few things more rewarding than cooking a whole animal in your own backyard. Hog roasting can be done in any season and is a relaxing way to entertain. We'll get you hooked up with instructions and everything you need to be the champ of the 'La Caja China'!

whole hog

UnBrined Missouri Pasture Raised Berkshire Hog
20-30 lbs $8/lb  - 31-100 lbs $6/lb
*add $.50/lb for brining


whole hog pricing

La Caja China Roasting Box Rental:
$ 50.00 With Pig Purchase
 ** $100.00 rental fee without pig purchase 

butchering classes

Our Butchering classes are 2 1/2 hour intimate hog butchering class where we will break down 1/2 a hog, discuss all things meat, and make a batch of fresh sausage. Guests will take home two fresh cuts, 1 lb of sausage and enjoy an array of charcuterie, beer, and soft drinks during the class

Classes take place from 2-4:30pm // Payment of $125 is due at the time of reservation 

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