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You ought to know where your meat comes from. At Bolyard’s, we work with whole animals from local, Missouri farms so that you can bring home the very best and absolute freshest pasture raised meat St. Louis has to offer. Most of our team has restaurant backgrounds, so not only do we know how to cut meat, we know how to cook it! We make everything in-house with the freshest in-season ingredients.  

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We promise every animal that comes in our shop has been raised on the lush pastures of small Midwestern Farms.

We promise that every animal was raised in non-confinement and given the free range and space to engage in their natural behaviors.

We promise that every animal was given a diverse, natural diet, and raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

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 Animal welfare is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we only work with farms and processors that share in our passion for good animal husbandry.

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Flat Iron, Denver Steak, Toro Steak, Culotte Steak, Ranch Steak, Beef Neck Roast, Ground Beef

Bone In Pork Chops, Sirloin Chops, Tri Tip, Pork Steak, Spare Ribs

Lamb Chop, Whole Leg,  Sirloin Steak, Spare Ribs, Shoulder Steak, Porterhouse

Whole Chicken, Leg, Thigh, Wing, Breast, Whole Turkey, Turkey Breast 

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tuesday/WEDNESDAY/ thursday

Okay, maybe a few Meat Sweats.

One of the biggest challenges of eating local, responsibly raised meats is finding the time to prepare them! But now we've got you covered, check out our prepared meals  throughout the week! 

TUESDAYS | Taco Tuesday
With items such as Braised beef neck, salsa verde, queso fresco, avocado cream and corn tortillas we've got everything  you need for a successful fiesta!

WEDNESDAYS | Roasted Chicken Dinner
We brine our birds for 24 hours then give them a nice little rub down with lemon, garlic & herbs! They are available hot out of the oven only on WEDNESDAY nights after 5 pm...just in time for dinner! Ask about our sides

THURSDAYS | Every Thursday we fire up the smoker and cook up easy to serve meats, house made biscuits and local veggie sides. Call ahead and pick-up after 4 p.m. 

After selling THOUSANDS of our flakey buttermilk biscuits with our TUESDAY and THURSDAY night dinners, we're taking it to the next level! BREAKFAST. We’re now serving up these golden gems, along with other brunch items on SATURDAY and SUNDAY MORNING from 9am - 2pm. We smothered these biscuits house made sausage gravy OR as a biscuit sandwich! 

CHECK OUT OUR NEW BRUNCH MENU. Not only are we serving our crowd favorite BISCUITS AND GRAVY but we have several new additions! 

Our Full Menu  Is Also Available During Brunch 

WEEKEND breakfast

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